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Living Free Technique™

The Living Free Technique™ is comprised of several methods.   I'm certified in the Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation method.  The healing mindset behind this method has helped me heal at a deep level from emotional traumas and also change my stressed reactions to negative events.

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I've kept the pieces of the FEFT system that align with my personal beliefs. and added many other gems I have learned from scientific research on how our brain, and our emotions, affect our bodies.  

I've also applied what I learned from courses I have attended by Anthony Robbins and his team, along with numerous other cutting edge emotional fitness leaders, to create a unique approach to losing weight, and keeping it off, that's 100% effective.

The Living Free programs were created so that people of all faiths will be comfortable using them.  (I clearly mark all the optional modules that include my personal faith in God.)

It's your subconscious that's running the show!

By studying how the subconscious mind works, I developed the Living Free Technique™ to align your subconscious mind with your conscious thinking, to put YOU in control of how you feel and react to every situation that comes your way.

The bottom line is, what your subconscious believes to be true will trump whatever you want to think is true every time.  For instance, when you watch a sad movie, you cry.  Why?  Your subconscious believes whatever you are watching, and what you add emotion to, is true.  

Your subconscious has recorded information in from your past, that causes it to react as if what you are seeing is true.   On a conscious level you know they are just actors playing out a story, but your subconscious plays programs from the past, not from current information.   The only way you can keep from crying, is to overcome the message your subconscious is sending to your body.

Change your subconscious reaction = change how you feel = change what you do

What does your subconscious believe?

Your problem is that you don't know what "truth" your subconscious believes to be true that is keeping you from permanently losing weight.  

The No Diet Method will reveal what is going on subconsciously, and will teach you how to rewrite the programming so you can give up dieting forever!  And this has a 100% money back guarantee! (see our refund policy)

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