Your Diet Free Life - 90 Day Program

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Belief Buster

Create a Mind for Success

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90 Days to Diet Free

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Mind for Success Kit

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Tina"Platinum Coaching Rocks!..."
  • Case study #5 -- Tina - so well proves how you can shift subconscious programs when you apply the power of the Living Free technique, and she is also a great example of how you truly CAN achieve what you want and reach your goals when you stick with the 12 week program and allow me to help you stay inspired and motivated. * Needed to lose around 200# * Been on Weight Watchers for years, enjoyed the program, didn't want to do anything else * Lost 100# one year, but really just went up and down and weighed more than when started * Subconscious programs, Not Safe, Too Hard, Loved Food, Stress eating and Food Addictions * Wiped out the subconscious programs, now not really on a diet - even though follows WW way of eating * Now losing weight by eating what is normal and yummy, not gaining it back! ** Tina still has a long way to go, but loves the diet-free life!
Tammy S"It's Just INCREDIBLY Amazing How EASY it is to lose weight by NOT dieting..."
  • Case study #44 -- Tammy - A great example of how the Living Free Technique programs not only creates wonderful relationships, but how you can actually lose weight just by relieving the stress in your life and loving yourself. * Angry at kids and husband all the time * Couldn't see to change relationship dynamics * Life had always sucked, and always would * Subconscious programs from verbal and emotional abuse in the past * Bad school experiences installed a lot of negative programs that were still running her life * Poor self image, even though she acted like she "deserved better and that is why she stayed upset" * Didn't address weight issues initially, because that was the least of her worries - but naturally lost 2 dress sizes * What others say and do just don't matter anymore * The past no longer haunts her
**She's been on some kind of a diet most of her adult life, now she is diet free!