I'll Show You How To Stop Dieting by

Changing What You Do In Your Mind

No Diet Method Training...

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Tracie Irvine
Coach Tracie

In The No Diet Method Program,

You Will Learn How To:

Discover, and change, the hidden "auto-response" programs that are causing you stress and keeping you from losing weight.

Remove the internal programs that drive you to eat food you wish you didn't eat, or that you eat too much of. You also learn how to enjoy food that you know are healthy, but simply don't like.

"Get over" past experiences that are still bothering you today. Stop stressing about the future. Not allow people to drive you nuts.

Discover for yourself what YOU believe is actually healthy for you. (Hint, I don't tell you what you need to eat.) Then install the mental programs needed to enjoy eating and end the "diet mentality."

Love your body now, and every step along the way to your desired size. Release your fears about the "thin lifestyle" and believe it is possible.

Change every area of your life, in a positive way, by changing how you react to people and circumstances that are challenging.
Tina so well proves how you can shift subconscious programs when you apply the power of the Living Free technique.

She is also a great example of how you truly CAN achieve what you want and reach your goals when you stick with the 90 day program and allow me to help you stay inspired and motivated.

Tina"Platinum Coaching Rocks!..."
I never thought I would ever REALLY be able to give up dieting. Thanks to Coach Tracie, I have removed old programs I didn't know existed and changed the ones that were keeping me fat.
Tammy S"It's Just INCREDIBLY Amazing How EASY it is to lose weight by NOT dieting..."
After years of feeling guilty eating, hiding food, eating alone so nobody would know what I was eating, depriving myself etc. and all the "stuff" drove me to be clinically depressed, I am finally FREE!!!!

I won't weigh myself, ha, ha, but I am finally wearing "normal" clothing that shows off my figure and I can climb stairs and chase the kids now.

LizEffortlessly losing weight....

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The No Diet Method is full of amazing tools that help with weight loss! The best part is, you do NOT diet to lose weight. How, you ask? That’s what I’m going to lead you through. You’ll be totally amazed at how easy it is, once you have gone through the program.

* You finally learn how to stop those food addictions and cravings, and enjoy eating

* Addresses every area of your life, because it isn't just about food

* Changes you from the inside out, increasing your confidence and appreciation of self

* Shows you how to create your own roadmap to a thinner you, that you can modify over and over again in the future

* Works for everyone, no matter what health issues or diet restrictions they have

* YOU get to choose what you believe is healthy and best for you, your rules only!

* Stay on your current diet while learning the No Diet Method if that is best for you

* 100% Money Back Guarantee! (see refund policy)

Is this you too?

Are you tired of the weight loss industry trying to convince you that dieting and exercise is the answer to being thinner? Yet millions of people are dieting and exercising and get bigger and bigger every year?

Are you waiting until you are thinner to love and appreciate yourself and your life? I will guide you to loving yourself now and all the way to your thinner you!

Are you tired of feeling hopeless, guilty eating, confused by all the "experts" about what you should eat and ready to just eat like "regular" people?

Here is a glimpse of the basis of the No Diet Method:

Thoughts generate Feelings that generate Actions .... then those Actions generate more Thoughts that generate more Feelings and Actions

All you need to do is discover what subconscious programs are triggering your thoughts and feelings that cause you generate stress hormones, your beliefs about losing weight and your eating habits.

How it all began

I initially created the No Diet Method weight loss program for myself. I was the type of person who could not lose weight no matter what I did. So, after taking on this revolutionary method that I'd discovered, I was stunned when I went from a size 16/18 to a size 4/6! These miraculous results came through utilizing the No Diet Method system that once and for all takes care of not only what’s been keeping the weight on but also the root problems that can cause depression, stress, health problems and more - and who wants that?! The best news is I did all this with ZERO dieting!

I’m happier than ever, along with being as thin as I was when I was in my teens. PLUS, this has worked for all those I’ve had the pleasure of working with as well. Yes, NO DIET! I have integrated many methods, along with other tried and true systems, together into one program that allows you to actually design your own No Diet Method system.

Imagine, no more focusing on food, no more guilt every time you put something in your mouth! No required supplements or exercise either, only if you want to add these things.

This isn't a quick weight loss gimmick, you are not going to lose 10 pounds in 10 days. Your subconscious has spent years recording the bad programming, and you have spent years developing bad habits, now you are going to invest just a small amount of time changing these programs.

What if my doctor requires me to eat a certain way?

Does your doctor require you to have a certain diet? No problem! I teach you how to change your subconscious programs so that you will enjoy eating whatever you need to eat, and you will not feel deprived if you can't eat certain foods.

By using the Living Free Technique™ I utilize within the No Diet Method, you'll finally get to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. How??? YOU decide what is best, and most loving for your body, and then we convince your subconscious to agree with you. That is the real fun in all of this. YOU control what you eat, the food doesn't “call your name” and you will no longer feel like you just “have” to have this or that, but can’t.

The coolest part is my Living Free Technique™ also helps you change your auto-stress response to past memories, present situations and future fears. Stress is not only the #1 cause of most health problems, it's also one of the main reasons YOUR BODY hangs on to fat. This is because stress generates stress hormones, and stress hormones cause your body to hang on to fat.

Now YOU can join the other No Diet Method users that have all lost weight without counting calories or carbs, restricting food or depriving themselves! If you feel deprived, then you will feel stressed emotions. Removing the emotional attachments you have toward food, or toward losing weight, allows you to naturally lose weight AND keep it off!

I can’t wait to help you remove the emotional drivers that keep you from permanently losing weight. You'll learn how to scratch the old records your subconscious uses to keep you dieting again, and again, and again. You'll have the opportunity to change your perceptions to the things that cause you to create those stress hormones that keep you fat.

How much will you save by not dieting?

Can you even begin to calculate how much you have spent on diet books, diet products and special diet food in your lifetime? I bet you can’t!

What is it worth to you to STOP this diet madness, actually enjoy eating AND lose weight? Isn’t it time for you to have a life with less stress, a life where YOU are in control instead of auto-responses and auto-programs running your life. (And this has 100% money back guarantee! - See refund policy)

If this resonates with you, join me for the training where I will show you how the No Diet Method works, what’s possible for you and offer you the opportunity to experience the No Diet Method so you can get these magical, stunning results for yourself. I look forward to sharing this life-changing information and process with you.

The No Diet Method Course Details

  • Week 1

  • Learn how your brain works
  • Reprogram your brain intro
  • Lay foundation for program
  • Set your 90 day goals
  • Week 2

  • Explore hidden sabotaging beliefs
  • Understanding & ending stress
  • Changing weight related beliefs
  • Remove fear of change
  • Week 3

  • Importance of Gratitude
  • Living in the now
  • Align subconscious with desires
  • Lay foundation for program
  • Week 4

  • What is your weight pain?
  • Work on food drivers
  • Food cravings
  • Create positive food cravings
  • Week 5

  • Eating Habits
  • Be in your power
  • Controlled eating made easy
  • Week 6

  • Install new programs
  • What or who you control
  • Release desire to control
  • New Positive Focus
  • Week 7

  • Influence from the past
  • Other Influences
  • Self Esteem
  • Remove the bad programs
  • Week 8

  • Reacting vs Responding
  • Guilt, Shame and Forgiveness
  • Release those bad feelings
  • Week 9

  • What is your weight pain?
  • Work on food drivers
  • Food cravings
  • Create positive food cravings
  • Week 10

  • Getting what you want
  • Design your no diet life
  • What's healthy for you?
  • Eat your way, finally
  • Week 11

  • Setting reasonable goals
  • Steps to YOUR goals
  • Create your plan
  • Week 12

  • Seal your future
  • Bonus modules
  • Remove any fear of failure
  • Success on your terms